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LED PDT light photodynamic therapy beauty machine which is the best led light for face and body treatment, it’s professionally focus on increasing skin tissue synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, to make skin healthier, younger and glowing, no any side effects of phototherapy.


PDT LED Technology/photodynamic therapy machine that generates photons at different frequency to penetrate into deeper layer of tissue. Different wavelength(blue, green, red, yellow, NIR) of light will have different effect on the skin.


PDT LED System with muti-functions which is recommended for improving oily skin, removing marks excessive pigmentation, diminishing wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines and orange-peel skin, for firming skin, treating localized adiposity and whitening teeth.


Built-in intelligent treatment can solve problems in a targeted manner, electrically controlled lifting rod height, 270-degree rotating treatment lamp board, easier focus on treatment areas.

Light therapy 7colour device

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