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These solutions are great to use with our Hydra-facial machine. This is a 3 pack.


Clean exfoliants, mild and non-irritating, soft exfoliation, no added, induce shedding of keratinocytes, lasting moisture retention, promotecollagen regeneration

Exfoliating acne , gentle and non-irritating, strong cleansing power, mild horniness, relieves acne, rashes and other problems, effectively moisturizes and calms skin

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improves skin immunity, inhibits melanin, vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin, restores damaged cells, helps regeneration.

AS1:Lactic acid yeast extract,green tea extract
SA2:Vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe extract,green tea extract
AO3: Soybean Extract,Hinoki leaves Extract

Hydra-facial Solutions (3 pack)

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